What Does Remote Learning Look Like in Little School?
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As a community, Lincoln School has embraced remote learning with open hearts and bold minds. Our faculty and administrators have worked tirelessly to bring all of the hallmarks of the Lincoln experience to the virtual classrooms we’ve created for our students, and the resiliency that they’ve modeled is being reflected back in the creative engagement and exceptional work of our students. 

The best way to understand it is to experience it, so for the remainder of the year we will regularly provide a look into our remote classrooms–across all divisions and departments–to shine a spotlight on the teaching and learning that has truly blown us away.

The Little School has been providing families with hands-on invitations that challenge our youngest learners through play. Scooping, pouring and sorting are some of our students’ favorite activities. The faculty at Little School have provided invitations that incorporate just that–from carefully pouring ingredients into a bowl to sorting natural elements from a nature walk.

In addition, our families can find a cooking video embedded in each remote learning weekly grid. Faculty have provided a variety of recipes–from chocolate chip cookies to potato gnocchi–that challenge students’ fine motor skills in the kitchen. This week, Eliana, one of our Older Toddlers, walked us through her fruit smoothie recipe. Here’s Chef Eliana in action:

Our only wish is that we could sit and enjoy each recipe with our students. Luckily, Monday Zoom Snacktime offers Little Schoolers and their teachers the opportunity to do just that!