What a Summer!

Over 300 different students from over 50 different schools ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old at 18 different types of camps spanning 12 weeks. That’s what our Summer at Lincoln looked like this year, and it sure was a memorable one!

Here is a look at some of the most fun moments from our 2022 Summer at Lincoln camps.


CuriOdyssey: Acting Camp
Acting Camp always fills up year after year with students across the Lower School excited to learn all about performing arts. This year, campers learned vocal exercises, developed their own script writing techniques, discovered how to move their bodies to express their character’s traits, and so much more! The camp ended each week with a giant production for family and friends of our campers to enjoy

CuriOdyssey: Girls Learning Workshop
Our exclusive to Lincoln Girls Learning Workshop is a favorite year after year. This time around, the girls talked about using their voices, and read about famous women who used their voices to help make the world a better place! (like Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Bessie Coleman) They practiced grammar with active adjective and verb games on walks in the woods. They graphed their favorite ice cream flavors and t-shirt colors, and they even explored geometry and left with a slew of fun games to take home to practice their math skills over the summer!

CuriOdyssey: Clay Creations
The first of our brand new camps this year was our clay camp, offered exclusively to Middle and Upper School students, and it’s certain to return next year. The students loved throwing clay, using the wheel, expressing their identity through art, and learning 2 different glazing techniques. 

Eco Warriors: Gardens & Greens
Eco Warriors ran for the longest amount of time this summer (8 out of 12 weeks) and was full week after week with our youngest campers, eager to learn about all things nature! Each week had a different theme - animal clues, insects, dirt, rocks and fossils, frogs and turtles, plant power, birds, and nature design. And each day included a field trip to either our Dwight House garden or Blackstone Park. Some highlights include visiting the snapping turtles at the pond, making musical instruments and artistic rubbings out of nature elements, feeding the worms in our composting bin, and finding fossils in the park. 

This year, we added a whole new category of offerings throughout the month of August as a part of our broader STEAMx programming here at Lincoln. From LEGO Engineering to Graphic Design and everything in between, our series of STEAMx camps was certainly full of hits among our campers. They learned how to build rockets, studied various LEGO building techniques, developed their very own app based games, and so much more.