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Well Deserved in 2021

Upper School Recognition & Celebration Night took place as a Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, June 2. This annual event honors the hard work and determination of students throughout the year and celebrates the community that supports them.

The evening began with welcoming remarks from Head of School Sophie Glenn Lau ’88 and US Director Peter Brooks, followed by reflections from students representing each class—Mary Alice T. (Grade 9) Sarah C. (Grade 10) Larissa D. (Grade 11), and Sophia-Joy A. (Grade 12). Awards—chosen by the faculty collectively and within individual departments—were then given, some for academic achievements and successes, others for embodying the values Lincoln holds most dearly. Names are listed below.

Click here for the Recognition & Celebration program.


Louise E. McMillen Music Award—Awarded to an undergraduate who has made a significant contribution to music at Lincoln.
Michelle O. ’22
Undergraduate Music Award—This award is given to an undergraduate who has made a significant contribution to music at Lincoln.
April R. ’22
T. James Hallan Music Award—This award is given to a senior student who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the study and performance of music at Lincoln.
Salma A. ’21
Undergraduate Theatre Award—Awarded to an undergraduate for her outstanding contribution to the theater program at Lincoln.
Briana L. ’22
Theatre Award—Awarded to a senior for her outstanding contribution to the theater program at Lincoln.
Brigitte L. J. ’21



Helena Strickler Poe Art Award—This year's Helena Strickler Poe Art Award goes to a wonderful Artist who this year has clearly illustrated her dedication to not just learning, perfecting and pushing the boundaries of her craft but realizing and falling in love with the Scientific and experimental part of Ceramics.
Amelia A. ’22
Edna M. Martin Art Award—This year Edna M. Martin Art Award goes to a student who has shown to the community their true passion and serious attitude towards art by dedicating their day to day lives demonstrating their voracious appetite to the creation and perfecting of their personal artistic vision. This year's Edna M. Martin Art Award goes to:
Celeste L. ’21
Maddie B. ’21
The Undergraduate Photography Award—This year’s Undergraduate Photography Award goes to a student who has not only exhibited exceptional qualities in her photographic work but has also demonstrated a passion for exploring the aesthetic and conceptual bounds of the medium, while taking many risks along the way:
Dani C. ’23
Senior Photography Award—This year’s Senior Photography Award goes to a senior who has not only shown outstanding work in photography but has also impressed the Art Department with her ability to use the tools of photography to transform the everyday world, and our moments within it, into something truly unique and clearly reflective of her artistic perspective:
Nirva B. ’21
Kaitlyn J. ’21



Naomi Brodsky Essay Award
This award is given yearly for excellence in expository writing on literature.  This award is given for outstanding student achievement in grateful recognition of Mrs. Brodsky’s contributions to Lincoln School during twenty-two year of masterful teaching.  This award is presented to:
Sophia-Joy A. ’21
The Constance Witherby Creative Writing Award is given yearly in honor of Constance Witherby, Lincoln School Class of 1930.  For her commitment to creativity, her encouragement of her classmates, and her achievement as a writer, this year’s award recognizes 
Adde G.’21
The Marion Shirley Cole Scholar Award is given yearly for excellence in junior English. For her high achievement in the written word, this year’s award recognizes 
Sophia C. ’22
The Eleanor Hayden Kittredge English Award is given yearly to a member of the senior class for commitment to excellence in English. This year’s award recognizes two students. For their intellectual curiosity, dedication and focus, and positive classroom presence, this year’s award goes to 
Maddie B. ’21
Maya S. ’21



Elizabeth H. Giangreco Award—for excellence in history.  This year we honor:
Elizabeth M. ’24—Throughout the year in history, Lili has demonstrated her tenacity for growth and love of learning. Not only does she strive to fully understand class material, but she also helps foster a supportive and inclusive classroom culture. Lili is a deep thinker and always seeks a fuller analysis of the topic at hand. 
Willa M. ’24—Continuously demonstrates intellectual curiosity and resilience. She is never afraid to ask questions or to offer an unsure answer. Willa should be commended for the efforts put into improving her historical writing and analytical skills over the course of the year. 
Meghan H. ’23—Genuinely loves the discipline of history, her passion shining through in each of her assignments, especially her papers. Her quick grasp of course material and strong critical thinking skills also comes across during each of our class discussions. 
Martha S. ’23—Intellectual curiosity, dedication to hard work and ability to communicate and engage with her classmates has made her a leader in the classroom. She is a fine writer, and a perceptive critical thinker whose enthusiasm for history inspires us all.
Claiborne Pell United States History Medal – presented to a junior for excellence in United States History. 
This student combines a fine mind with a delight in learning and the ability to empathize with and encourage others. She acts and speaks with a strong foundation in ethical values. She brings a broad and nuanced understanding of the world to her work in US history.
Maddalena L. ’22
Frances Lucas Henderson Award awarded to a senior for outstanding work in history.
Amaris F. has an incisive and insightful mind which helps her bring a balanced and thorough interpretation to her work in Gender Studies. A fine writer and contributor to class discussions, she has regularly and thoughtfully raised the consciousness of her classmates and invited them to engage with her in meaningful dialogue.
Sophia-Joy A.'s engagement in history electives reveals the depth of her analysis and unyielding curiosity. She is not only a critical thinker and skilled writer, but she also actively listens to the contributions of her peers. The questions she poses and connections she makes demonstrate her intellectual maturity. 



American Mathematical Society Award is presented to a graduating senior by the American Mathematical Society. This senior is recognized for her outstanding achievement in all math courses during her years at Lincoln School. 
Brigitte L. J. ’21
Rensselaer Math and Science Medal—is given to a junior who has distinguished herself in Math and Science. For each medalist who chooses to enroll at Rensselaer, there is a $30,000 per year merit scholarship guaranteed for four years. 
Isabel B. ’22



Eileen P. McGrath Science Award—To an underclass person who best exemplifies Eileen McGrath’s interest in and enthusiasm for science.  
This year’s first recipient comes to every class prepared and interested. Her questions are invariably informed and pertinent, showing her deep understanding and interest - we wish we could have had more years with her at Lincoln.
Charlotte B. ’22
This year’s second recipient has an incredibly strong work ethic and an attention to detail that is extraordinary. Her desire to not only learn the material but to drive it forward made every day in a class just a little bit better. 
Eva W. ’22
Samuel Priest and Hazel Priest Korper Science Award— in honor of Hazel Priest Korper, class of 1928, to a senior for excellence in science.  
This student exemplifies joy in learning, continually going above and beyond what is asked of her. Curious, interested, and so hard-working, she has danced her way with grace through almost all of the science department’s offerings. 
Emma L. ’21
The Dorothy W. Gifford Physical Sciences Award—This year’s recipient embodies confidence, competence, and curiosity in all areas of physical science. She embraces challenges and is unafraid of taking risks. 
Isabel B. ’22


Senior Linguist Award—This student has completed our highest level courses in both Arabic and French. For her performance on the National French Exam she received Silver recognition in 2018 and 2019. In 2019 she placed 8th in Rhode Island and 11th in the Nation. In 2020 and 2021 she received Honorable Mention recognition.
Salma A. ’21
Senior Linguist Award—This student has completed our highest level courses in both Latin and Spanish. She received Honorable Mention recognition for her performance on the National Spanish Exam in both 2018 and 2020. 
Kiara P. ’21



Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea 2021 Leadership Award—This junior award is given in recognition of outstanding leadership skills, a strong academic record, and contributions to both school and community. 
Maddalena L. ’22
Isador S. & Cecile Low Community Service Award—This award is given to a junior who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to public service both within and beyond the Lincoln School community. Isador and Cecile Low were the parents of Brenda Low Mann ’49 and Susan Low Sauer ’53, and the grandparents of Emily Low ’81 and Sara Low ’79.  The award was established by their family to honor their exemplary tradition of community service.
Amelia A. ’22
Spirit and Light—This student embodies core Quaker values: simplicity, honesty, concern for others, and the non-violent resolution of conflict. By practicing these values with humility, she serves as a model for her peers.
Brittany T. ’22
Bridge Building—This student fosters peace, understanding and cooperation on a daily basis through sensitivity and compassion. She brings together people with different interests and points of view within the Lincoln community. 
Zoe M. ’22
Academic Commitment—This student challenges herself, her peers, and her teachers with her intellectual curiosity and her commitment to academic growth.
Sophia C. ’22
Kasey O. ’22
Creativity—This student interprets the world with a fresh vision through intellectual or artistic pursuits.
Chloe C. ’22
Renaissance Woman—This student demonstrates enthusiasm and distinction in a wide range of fields while exemplifying Lincoln’s overarching Quaker ideals.
Michelle O. ’22
Faculty Award—The Lincoln School Faculty Award is awarded to a junior who consistently demonstrates outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and service to Lincoln School.
Ashley O. ’22


David N. Cicilline Congressional Leadership Award—This senior award is given in recognition of outstanding leadership skills, a strong academic record, and contributions to both school and community.
Amaris F. ’21
Miriam Sewall Converse Award—This award is given to a student for consistent effort and constructive contribution to the classroom atmosphere and social activities.
Lara M. ’21
Lanqi H. ’21
Sara Greene Beckwith Award—This award is given to a student in recognition for her commitment to the Lincoln School community and to community service in the spirit of Sara Greene Beckwith, Class of 1913.
Kobii S. ’21
Mary Louise Schaffner Award—This award is presented to a senior for general excellence in all subjects.
Mariah N. ’21
Jane Woodruff Greenough Award—This award is given by the class of 1950 in memory of their classmate.  It is their desire to honor a senior who most nearly exemplifies, as Jane Woodruff did, the life and spirit of Lincoln School.  It is awarded at the discretion of the faculty with advice from the seniors.
Salma A. ’21
Senior Faculty Award—The Lincoln School Senior Faculty Award is given to a Senior who consistently demonstrates outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and service to Lincoln School. In all facets of Upper School life, this student models active engagement, care for the community, and a commitment to the life of the mind. 
Emma L. ’21
Sophia-Joy A. ’21