Twenty-TREE and Me

By Charlotte A ‘26

This year’s Engineering and Design class was focused on all aspects of STEAM. Throughout the semester, students learned how to program, use a 3D printer, take precise measurements using multiple devices, and pitch ideas in the architectural world.

My main project was an interactive art sculpture. Along with my classmates, we narrowed three sculpture designs down to one to create a collaborative build through trial, design, and error. This project is called Twenty-TREE and Me. Based on light and activity, Twenty-TREE and Me has been designed around the concept of the four seasons, with different aspects of the tree representing a specific time of year.

Throughout this project, we learned how to code, solder, 3D print, use wires and batteries to conduct electricity, and work with repurposed PVC pipe to create something truly original. Throughout the months of project work, we underwent many prototyping and trials, but happily landed on our final design—a tree made of melded PVC pipes, concrete as the base, and small, solar-powered lights. 

This one-of-a-kind STEAM sculpture is currently at the end of Elton Street across from the STEAM Hub at Lincoln—stop by to take a look in person soon!