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The Show Must Go On: 10-Minute Play Festival

Each spring, Lincoln School’s Performing Arts Department invites audiences to the 10-Minute Play Festival, a collection of student-written and student-directed productions that highlights the school’s writers, directors, actors, and backstage crew. 

As with most things in our world right now, this year’s 10-Minute Play Festival will look a lot different, but thanks to the dedication of our performing artists and the passion of our faculty, the show will go on! 

In the words of Performing Arts Department Head Erin Cawley, “For any performing artist, the lack of human connection we’re living with right now can be a nightmare. In rehearsals for the 10-Minute Play Festival, students get the chance to set everything aside for a moment and creatively make something with their peers.”

Under the guidance of English teacher Martha Douglas-Osmundson, 36 plays were submitted and 13 were chosen for this year’s production, and on Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16, Lincoln School will proudly present its Virtual 10-Minute Play Festival, hosted live by members of the Class of 2020. Seven of the 13 plays–all of which are written and directed by seniors–will be shown on Friday, and the remaining six plays will be featured in Saturday’s show. Both performances will be at 7 p.m.

The plays are cast (see below for a complete listing with a brief synopsis of each), rehearsals are well underway (over Zoom, of course!), and we hope you will mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the talents, resilience, and remarkable work of our casts and crew.  

As Ms. Cawley adds, “When you start to creatively bring something to life, the more rational/analytical side of your brain can recede to the background. Things become more about the kinesthetic, the spatial, the larger world around us, connections, relationships, storytelling–things we don’t normally do on a computer. Sure, we still have to do this over a computer, but in our rehearsals it becomes more a vehicle for story delivery and less the prominent fixture that it currently is in our moment-to-moment existence.”

2020 10-Minute Play Festival Line-Up

Friday, May 15 at 7 p.m.

Fixing a Hole by Lydia Grosswendt ’20
Directed by Ellie Blumberg ’20
A young boy is exploring his grandmother's attic when he discovers something unexpected.

We’re Pregnant *emotional* by Allison Iwatake ’20
Directed by Emilia DeRego ’20
A couple deals with the downfall of putting their life online.

Not About That Bass by Anika Istok ’20
Directed by Sasha Floru ’20
A group of middle schoolers try to start a band...the key word being TRY. 

Mrs. Osborn by Carolyn Ferullo ’20
Directed by Emilia DeRego ’20
Two girls consider telling their teacher about her husband's indiscretions. 

Oh, Doris by London Cambra ’20
Directed by Bea Goggin ’20
Edna reflects about her life with her sister, Doris, in their childhood home.

A Bit of an Overkill by Emilia DeRego ’20
Directed by Lydia Grosswendt ’20
Two taxidermists accidentally commit a felony and have to cover it up.

Secret to Life by Sophie Wieting ’20
Directed by Amiya Mandapati ’20
An older woman returns from a bender and tells a colleague about her trip.

Saturday, May 16 at 7 p.m.

Welcome to Hell by Amiya Mandapati ’20*
Directed by Lydia Grosswendt ’20
A woman tries to figure out why she's been sent to hell.

Speed Dating Therapists by Maleah Weaver ’20
Directed by Bea Goggin ’20
A fight for sleep with an insomniac and many, many therapists.

A Noche Buena by Jamie Chavez ’20 
Directed by Jamie Chavez ’20
A new telescope? "Packaging Bricks?” Will hija get her present just in time for Christmas?

Milton Street by Sophie Grosswendt ’20
Directed by Anika Istok '20
A teenage girl and her twin brother are hanging out with their friend when something terrible happens. However, their mother has yet to find out.

A Monologue Monstrosity by Belle Leighton ’20
Directed by Ellie Blumberg and Bea Goggin ’20
A teenage girl who has a lack of appreciation for the arts finds herself trapped in a play.

Run, Ferret, Run by Carolyn Ferullo ’20*
Directed by Allison Iwatake ’20
A girl tries to convince her housemate that ferrets are good pets.

*This play is a winner of Trinity Rep’s 2020 Write Here! Write Now! playwriting competition.