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The Lincoln Fund at Work: Science in Action

Anna Painter, Lower School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, Math) teacher, is thrilled to teach in an innovative classroom. Throughout the year, you’ll find her K–5 students knee deep in eelgrass, measuring ocean salinity, shaking hands with a spider crab, or spotting a seal off the rocky coast.

Lincoln School’s partnership with Save the Bay, the esteemed local non-profit organization devoted to protecting Narragansett Bay, was made possible by the Lincoln Fund for Annual Giving. Thanks to the generosity of Lincoln Fund supporters, Painter has the opportunity to think beyond the Lincoln School campus and expand her students’ young scientific minds. 

Using what she calls “visceral science in action,” students apply principles of chemistry, biology, ecology, and beyond, to place-based learning, which encourages them get their hands dirty in their own backyard.

“When you see a student make the connection between an experiment or a theory and the real world, you see them light up. You see them shine,” said Painter. 

Painter hopes that the partnership with Save the Bay will have more than just a lasting impact on the students involved in the program; she hopes the project will contribute to the long-term health of the local ecosystem.

“We live in Rhode Island. We’re the Ocean State. At Lincoln, we are students and stewards of our environment,” said Painter. “Science should be about not just the classroom, but what is all around us.”

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