The Class of 2029 Heads to Middle School

Lower School celebrated its Closing Exercises on June 6. Sophie Glenn Lau '88, Head of School, welcomed students and families to Faxon Farm as we gathered to celebrate the end of an exciting year.

Debbie Hanney, Interim Lower School Division Director,  addressed the seventeen members of the Class of 2029. "You are seventeen individuals, though as a class you are stronger than the sum of your parts. You are compassionate and you care about each other. Never lose that willingness, that responsibility, even, to stand up for yourself or for a friend and use your voice to be heard. Please always remember that laughter, friendship, and companionship are so very important. Support each other; your friends need you and you need them. Be a shoulder to lean on in harder times, and when your friend achieves something in some fantastic way, cheer her on. Her success does not diminish yours. Girls supporting girls and women supporting women will change our world; that is what I know to be true."

Other Lower School faculty members joined in, sharing warm thoughts and funny memories, as they reflected on the class over the years. Courtney Dubois, Lower School Learning Specialist and Interim Lower School Assistant Division Director, reminisced about all of the adventures the class has shared over the years. Her hope for them as they set forth on their next adventure was to remember what they learned from Ms. Savage in Kindergarten. “You are strong. You are confident. You are smart and you have heart.” Meagan Lenihan, Lower School Librarian, shared an original poem entitled “Ode to Fifth Grade.” Kaitlin Palmieri, Grade 5 teacher, thanked the class for their joy and flexibility this school year.

As part of closing exercises, it is tradition that the Fifth Graders sing a class song, and the class selected “The Edge of Great” from Julie and the Phantoms as they prepare to move to Middle School. The Fourth Graders presented them with hand-made gifts in tie-dye bags and a surprise performance, while Lower Schoolers joined in singing “The Tree Song,” a tribute to both the class of 2029 and the Beech Tree, as we said good-bye to the 2021-2022 school year.