The Big, Bright, Beautiful World of Shrek JR by the Class of 2027

Congratulations to the Class of 2027 on their fantastic performance of Shrek The Musical JR, based on the Oscar-winning film and Broadway musical. The 8th grade’s Semester I Performing Arts class focuses on a musical each year, culminating in a presentation for the community. Students and their teachers, Robb Barnard, Anna Basile, and Dominique Castro worked together from start to finish, learning the different steps of putting on a performance. Not only do they learn the skills of the stage, including blocking, choreography, memorizing and delivering lines, they build confidence, work on collaboration, learn the constructive use of feedback and problem-solving. Students work on costumes, sets, and lighting, learning the elements of stage along the way.

Their lively performance was delivered to a full house of all ages on Thursday, January 19 and was a great success!

Photos by Glenn Osmundson.