The Addams Family Wows the Crowd!

The Lincoln community was treated to an outstanding show of The Addams Family this weekend. In the world of The Addams Family, “misery is wonderful, torture is enjoyed, and death and suffering are the epitome of excitement.” Inspired by Charles Addams’ classic cartoons and written by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice, the musical features the original story of grownup Wednesday Addams, who has fallen in love with a sweet young man from a respectable family.

From beginning to end the show was so much fun. Each actor brought their character to life with strong physicality, impassioned heartfelt singing, and lots of humor. The set was great, the costumes were so much fun and the music brought it all together.

Thank you so much to the many wonderful people involved. Your dedication, creativity, and joy inspire us all. A special shout out to Director, Robb Barnard, Music Director, Dominique Castro, Technical Director Anna Basile and Choreographer Elizabeth Mitchell. Click here for the full program.

One of the biggest takeaways is…no matter how weird your family is, you can take heart that the Addams family is definitely weirder.