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Tethered: Youth in Action Gallery Night

A large group of Lincoln faculty and students gathered at Youth in Action to engage in a participatory youth-curated gallery about identity, place, and story on Wednesday, December 11. Five Lincoln students are participating in Youth in Action this year: Anna McClean ‘22, Sophie Rockwell ‘22, Kai Nunnally ‘22, Celeste Lenus ‘21, and Sonya Akhtar ‘21. They have been working tirelessly to learn their own identities and how it tethers them to each other, the community, state, and ultimately to the collective experience of this world.

An inspiration to all who attended, this event was a glimpse at the ways that we are able to connect and strengthen our collective experiences. Those who attended were encouraged to become tethered to those around them. Several projects were on display. Humans of Providence displayed a portrait of a person with a snippet of their story, gathered by the YIA youth who took to the streets, schools, and homes to curate them.

Another project was an Ofrenda where participants were asked to celebrate legacies of all kinds as a way to thank those who were here before us, are with us now, and our hopes for those who will come after us.

A third display was the People Library which was the Youth in Action take on StoryCorps.

Walking into the exhibit, attendees were given a poem.


I am me. I am you. I am us.

I am female, male and non-binary. I am Black, Dominican, Afro-Latinx, White, undetermined and known to the exact percentage. I am religious, agnostic, atheist, spiritual and open to wherever the Earth move me. I am a student, teacher, leader, and a curious person in a curious world. I am a brother, sister, sibling, aunt, uncle cousin and grandchild. I am a first-generation American, high school student, college and success bound phenomenon. I am tall, short, medium, person. I am an activist, singer, dancer, stepper, poet, a comedian, and a martial arts enthusiast. I am low, middle and upper class. I am a person tethered to Providence with my string near and far, both in and out of this world. I am a feeling, seeing breathing being.

You are here. You are me. You are us.