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Spring Into the Performing Arts

Performing artists are working overtime this season at Lincoln! On Wednesday, the 4th of May, students in Playwriting class created a completely student-driven theatre experience for an appreciative audience when they presented the Fringe Festival. In true Fringe fashion, plays were performed in non-traditional spaces—classrooms, hallways, the dining room, lounges—and as many as three plays were performed at once. 

Third to Five by Assana B.-W. ’24

Starlight by Sadie B. ’22

Schliegenmonger by Lily C. ’22

Her Favorite Dress by Dora C. ’25

Never Alone by Chloe C. ’22

College Drop Off by Skye G. ’22

The Golf Cart Incident by Jess H.-L. ’22

ALLIEson’s Donut Fiasco by Jade M. ’23

Miles Lewis Is The Weirdest Boy I’ve Ever Met by Sophia R. ’22

Franklin! by Martha S. ’23

Rats by Brittany T. ’22 

Last Thursday’s Spring Concert was a celebration of the great work our ensembles have done this past semester and featured four (4!!) Rock Bands, Chamber Music, Lambrequins, and two Handbell ensembles as well as several soloists. Forty-seven students performed! 

On Friday, May 6, audiences were treated to a student-initiated production of famed playwright Lauren Gunderson’s The Taming, a delightful, provocative political comedy that could not be more relevant. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew as well as the reality of where our country is politically today, The Taming shows us how we got here. The cast and crew of The Taming: Jessica B. ’24, Caroline C. ’22, Aby H. ’24, Sophie M. ’24, Cate M. ’24, and Julia W. ’24. 

Mark your calendars for more exciting performing arts events! On May 11, audiences can see three student-written plays in Lincoln’s 10 Minute Play Festival. This annual event features three plays written by and directed by members of the Class of 2022, and showcases the thoughtful talent and strong, courageous voices of our students. This allows our students to take the lead and share their creative vision in a manner that other productions cannot fully encompass. This year’s program: Dragon Tears by Briana L., directed by Isabel B.; Rocketship by Ashley O., directed by Briana L.; and Sir William written and directed by Brittany T.