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Showcasing Our Investment in Lower School STEAM Professional Development

Teachers in Lincoln's Lower School travelled far and wide to expand their STEAM knowledge—every faculty member conducted a school visit or attended a conference last year to provide our students with the best possible education—and they've got the footage to show for it!

In order to share their newfound know-how with other members of the Lincoln community and spread the word about our robust Lower School STEAM offerings, teachers flexed their creative muscles and crafted videos to showcase what they learned.

Early adoption for STEAM learning across disciplines is key: the early childhood years are one of the most critical points in brain dvelopment. Through play, exploration, observation, and discovery, our teachers are able to fostr a budding interest in science, technology, engineering, art/architecture, and math, boosting girls' confidence and balancing out the traditional gender inequality in these areas of study.

"When we start STEAM education so young, [the students] are learning essential skills and we're integrating technological language into their daily vocabulary," said Susan Amsler-Akacem, Education Technology department head and tech innovator. "It becomes a part of their DNA."

Faculty spanned the country, traveling to places as far as Orlando, San Francisco, and San Diego, as well as staying closer to home at some outstanding schools in New England. 

"Different schools approach teaching these disciplines differently," said Maureen Devlin, director of Lower School. "By learning from unique approaches across the country, we are poised to give our young students a great head start."

Watch these videos to learn more about this incredibly opportunity!

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