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Share, Listen and Share Again: DEI Professional Development

Suzanne Fogarty, Head of School, welcomed faculty and staff back to school on Monday, January 7 for an opportunity “to bring our whole selves into important discussions around culture, community, and curriculum—around our work as a Quaker school and as a school that cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

This professional development day was structured to “learn together, to learn from each other, and to carry this learning and listening and discussing back home with us and into our lives tomorrow when the students return.”

Anna Painter kicked off the morning with a presentation from the Quaker Life and Education Committee, with a reminder that Friends Schools work hard to challenge the mind and nourish the spirit, so clearly defined in our new mission statement. Being a Quaker school touches every part of life at Lincoln.

Two faculty members, Samantha Weiman and Kimani Lumsden, shared their reflections from attending the National Association of Independent School’s annual People of Color Conference. After participating in the white affinity group at the conference, Samantha shared her increased understanding that the energy that white people use to make themselves feel comfortable in social justice work needs to be channeled towards dismantling oppressive systems. Kimani shared two quotes from the conference that faculty and staff were asked to ponder:

“The urgent work of diversity, equity and inclusion can only go as quickly as the least committed member of our community.”

“Excellence for any of our students is impossible without diversity of opinions, perspectives and life-stories.”

Led by the Center Task Force, group discussions centered around chapters from Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want to Talk about Race, and opportunities to discuss real-life scenarios around equity, diversity, and inclusion.

It was a privilege to be able to come together to, as Suzanne Fogarty put it, “share and listen and share again, and know that Lincoln is a school that works towards always, always improving itself.” Thanks to Barret Fabris, Director of the Center for Justice, Peace, and Global Citizenship, the Center Task Force, Kimani Lumsden, Samantha Weiman, and the division directors for organizing this thoughtful experience for the Lincoln faculty and staff.