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Recap: Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors

The 2017 Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors brought over 2,500 avid readers and lovers of literature to Lincoln campus! One of the festival’s most successful years yet, author Alan Katz wrote “Of all the book festivals I've attended, this one is far and away my favorite. I had so much fun! Thank you for all your hard work;” and author Barbara McClintock wrote, “It was a joy and a pleasure being a part of this year’s RI Festival of Children’s Books and Authors. What a stellar line-up of authors and illustrators, and such supportive staff! It was a blast from start to finish.”



Highlights included:

- 150 community volunteers

- 2278 books sold on Saturday

- 205 book- and movie-lovers attended a New England movie premiere of So B. It, followed by Q&A and book signing with author Sarah Weeks. Weeks said “This evening was life changing for me!”

- Over 200 donated books by festival authors distributed with free vouchers to librarians, teachers, and principals from underserved communities in the state

- 36 librarians gathered for the annual School Librarians of Rhode Island dinner

- Two Young Adult flash fiction workshops for high school students, in collaboration with Goat Hill Writers, WriteRI, and School One

- Dinner for 16 authors/illustrators, thanks to generosity of Elle and Ken Guarino, former Lincoln parents

- Thousands of books donated to Books Are Wings, coordinated by author Gaia Cornwall ’97

- 40 Rhode Island School of Design illustration students participated in a private session with festival author David Macaulay, author and illustrator of The Way Things Work

- One lucky Simmons student sat down for a private session with Ann M. Martin, author of The Babysitters Club series

- Seven different food trucks

We're already looking forward to next year! 


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