Quarentunes: The Lower, Middle and Upper School Virtual Spring Concert

Quarantunes was produced during remote learning via recording and sound engineering of student vocal and instrumental tracks. It is the result of both the students' hard work and the hard work of teacher Dominique Castro, who oversaw the engineering and creation of the album, as well as teachers Kimani Lumsden, Robb Barnard, and Sheila Zuccarello, who did much engineering of their own. A link to the album is below as well as a full track listing. You can listen to them via Drive or download them to play on another platform.

It is important to note that all of the songs feature a combination of live vocals, live instruments, electronic instruments, software instruments, and pre-recorded loops that were layered together one by one. Students also did much of their own editing and mixing of tracks, which is made all the more amazing by the fact that hardly anyone (faculty included) had worked with music engineering software before. We would also like to credit Samantha Bennett with the fantastic title of the album.

Quarantunes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ARqcO3R_K2SBbomc98olBEeZnCSjSkPA


Full Track Listing

1. "Suo Gan" (Welsh lullaby) - Jill Fulton

2. "Dixie Cat" ( by Brad Keller and Bonnie Rossa) -5th Grade Band [5th Grade Band is: Victory Barnard, Anya Bowman-Kramm, Arianna Casey, Amelia Collins, Amaya Devine, Aivah Harris, Grace Oliva-Booth, Addison Passalacqua, Amelia Persson, Mia Quattromani, Alessandra Santoro, Eleanor Sousa, Cecilia Stolk, Hannah Walker, Audrey Ward, Noura Younes, and Malina Zake]

3. "Love Story" ( by Taylor Swift) - Three Students and a Teacher [Three Students and a Teacher is Samantha Bennett, Mary Gueye, and Sienna Fernandes]

4. "Little Things" (by One Direction) -Three Students and a Teacher

5. A Year Without Rain ( by Selena Gomez) -Three Students and a Teacher

6. Harmony Hall (by Vampire Weekend) - Spaceyes [Spaceyes is Bea Goggin, Eunice Gao, Lily Guo, Elise Hasseltine, Dounya Bilal, and Kobii Spruill]

7. The Best of John Williams (arr. Douglas E. Wagner) - Advanced Handbells [Advanced Handbells is Sophia Comiskey, Georgianne deFeo, Lydia Grosswendt. Sophie Grosswendt, Rosie Hassel, Jade Ma, Amiya Mandapati, Michelle Oung, Sophie Rockwell and Alice Zhong]

A. Close Encounters

B. Olympic Fanfare

C. Imperial March

D. Cantina

E. Star Wars


8. Fa Una Canzona (by Orazio Vecchi) - Lambrequins [Lambrequins is Willa Bullers-Shah, Anona Joshi, Ebba Karlsson, Jade Ma, Uma Mandapati, Lillia Mechrefe, Dani Callaghan, Addie deFeo, Drew Morgan, Martha Savage, and Skye Goldenberg]

9. Everything I Wanted (by Billie Eilish)- Cactus feat. Kobii Spruill [Cactus is Eva Wieting, Maya Kelly, Salma Alawi, Briana Lawrence, Sadie Butterworth, Hailey Young-Bao, and Lola Shub]

10. Sofia (by Clairo)- Cactus

11. Watermelon Sugar (by Harry Styles)- Indecisive Five [Indecisive Five are Ashley Ogoffa, Caroline Cromwell, Maya Santow, Sophia Merchant, and Sonia Mlakar]

12. If I Were a Boy ( by Beyonce)- Indecisive Five

13. Hot n Cold ( by Katy Perry) -Indecisive Five

14. Lean On Me (by Bill Withers) -The Quarantunes Singers [The Quarantunes Singers are Samantha Bennett, Mary Gueye, Eunice Gao, Lily Guo, Dounya Bilal, Kobii Spruill, Eva Wieting, Ashley Ogoffa, Caroline Cromwell, Maya Santow, Sophia Merchant, Sonia Mlakar, Cate Cadwalader, and Caroline Cadwalader]