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Quaker Studies and the Wall of R’s

Kindergarten through Grade 5 students all participate in a class called Quaker Studies. This year the focus has been on environmental stewardship, and most recently creating a project called The Wall of Rs. On the wall outside the Grade 4 classroom are 8 R-words all related to the stewardship of the earth that the students came up with and organized themselves: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Recycle, Rot, Regenerate.

As part of LEAP (Lincoln’s Environmental Action Program) Week, Lower School and the early childhood students had a theme for each day, a wonderful way to highlight the environmental work that has been going on all year.

The week began on Monday with Lights Out Day, during which the Lower School refrained from turning on lights when possible, and talked about how to conserve energy at home and at school.

That night, students had a homework assignment, tying LEAP Week to something they do at home to practice any of the 8 Rs. On Tuesday Students posted their homework on The Wall of Rs under the corresponding word, a great way to visually represent their commitment to the Quaker tenet of Stewardship of the Earth.

Wednesday they participated in the Stop Food Waste challenge in the Dining Room.

Thursday was Paper-free Day. Everyone tried not to use loose paper and stayed away from worksheets and copying. Lots of scrap paper was used!

On Friday the hope was to have silent meeting outside but it rained. The query was:

Based on what we did this week, please share an example of how you helped the earth and why it was important.  

During Quaker Studies class, the students discussed the week and were asked to write an I can/ I will statement in which they described what their next step to help the environment will be.

LEAP Week was a wonderful culmination of the Quaker studies theme of environmental stewardship. The Lower School students are all thinking about and acting on these important topics in their everyday lives.