Project CHICK: Chickens Hatching in Lincoln's Kindergarten Classroom
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Thanks to Casey Farm, our friends in the Kindergarten classroom are eagerly watching over an incubator of eggs, awaiting the hatching of chicks! Last Tuesday, an educator from Casey Farm visited the girls with everything needed to incubate a clutch of eggs, set up the equipment, and engaged students in a hands-on presentation about chickens and eggs. Twenty-one days later, as students observe, the chicks hatch! During morning drop-off on Tuesday, we were told by an excited friend in Kindergarten that there are only SIX days left in the countdown!

Thank you to Casey Farm and Project Chick for educating our class, and even bringing Henrietta the chicken to visit! The girls learned about the life of chickens on the farm and even got to pet Henrietta. Check out the photos below!