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Only in New Yorker: Coding 101 Cover

The November 22, 2017 issue of The New Yorker, the Tech Issue, features a cover that touches on something we've long known at Lincoln School: in order to remedy the gender imbalance in tech fields, you have to start early and often.


“I decided to look at the future so I could create a positive image,” artist Malika Favre says, about her cover for the Tech Issue. “When you read about women sharing their experiences in a field that is so dominated by males, it can get pretty depressing. For me, it’s obvious that the solution has to start from a young age, with education and the games kids play.”

That's why at Lower School, we integrate the language, practices, and principles of technology starting with our youngest learners, and continue our focus on those subjects through Middle and Upper School. By truly preparing our girls for an interdisciplinary world in which coding, computer science, and critical thinking have key roles, they are poised to become future leaders in fields that truly need them. 

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