New Year in the Yearling Room

What an exciting week! Our yearlings have been so busy since the New Year, enjoying new books, exploring their first snowstorm, and creative projects. This week, they read "When Snowflakes Fall" by Carl B. Sams, "Sleepy Time" by Kathryn White, and of course, "Where's Spot", a Yearling Room favorite. Along with these, the yearlings are learning to sing and sign "The More We Get Together"!

We are spending time outdoors as much as possible this winter, allowing our yearlings to explore their first snow. So cold but so fun! At last, this week's special project: Help Mr. Snowman Find His Snow!
In this activity, the yearlings searched throughout the classroom for white felt (the snow) to fill up Mr. Snowman. This activity allowed them to learn about empty-full concepts, as well as hand-eye coordination getting the material into Mr. Snowman.