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Moving on Up!

The 2020–21 school year officially ended on Monday, June 7, when we celebrated this most unusual year at Lincoln School—and the Classes of 2025 and 2028—during the Lower and Middle School Closing Exercises.

In the morning ceremony, Grade 5 students in the Class of 2028 moved on up to Middle School! As Lower School Director Maureen Devlin reflected on this class, she compared them to a dance. “A well-choreographed dance takes discipline, it takes acting collectively, and it takes energy, passion, and joy. You, fifth grade, have and do all of this. Stay your curious, passionate, playful selves. Bringing energy to what you do is a joyful thing for you to experience and for others to watch. Uncover your still hidden interests and talents. Keep working collectively, sharing your skills and talents to make something bigger than what you could do working alone. Ask for support when you need it. Persevere. Effort is the key to a lot of success. And, be you. You are wonderful as you are.”

Congratulations to Grade 5, the Class of 2028!

Lower School Program

In the midday ceremony, Grade 8 students in the Class of 2028 were sent off to Upper School with reflections from their classmates. Debbie Hanney, Upper School Director addressed Grade 8: “ You are a class of talented authors, activists, scholars, athletes, actors, and artists. What makes you quite extraordinary, however, is your capacity for kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity. With some inevitable growing pains along the way, you've moved through middle school with impressive grace, authenticity, and integrity. You are the class who wants to say and do things - and for that, I will keep my remarks very brief. Instead, today you'll hear from your classmates, your friends, your confidants — I can't think of a better way to end your middle school experience than listening to you address each other today, on your last day of Middle School.”

Grace A., Ava C., Mirabelle M., Pamela D.R., Jenya W., Charlotte K.,  Iris B.-L., and Lena H. all spoke to the class. The readings reflected on the bonds developed during the course of their Middle School years. The friendships, the fun, the lessons learned and the deep appreciation for their teachers and Lincoln were common themes. 

Head of School Sophie Glenn Lau ‘88 also reflected on this most difficult year. In her words, “Grade 8 you have made the most of every day and the most of this year. You have proved that you can do hard things even in hard times. Your approach to life, finding joy and meaning even in difficult circumstances will take you far in Upper School and beyond."

Congrations to Grade 8, the Class of 2025!

Middle School Program