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Morgan Stone '00 Day: The Power of Privilege–Race and Capitalism

This year’s Morgan Stone ’00 Day, a full day dedicated to exploring issues of racial justice, brought together local leaders and Lincoln School students and faculty to explore a common theme: The Power of Privilege—Race and Capitalism.

This year’s keynote speaker, Justice Gaines, started off the day exploring issues related to the origin of race in capitalism, and the need to recognize that all issues surrounding capitalism—housing, education, employment, infrastructure, and more—are all connected.

The day progressed with workshops, an open mic hour, a step team performance, and a presenter panel discussion.

Workshops included:
- Workshop by Awa Shahzad ’19
- Workshop by Melita Barbosa ’19, Douya Bilal ’20, Viha Patel ’20, and Jamie Chavez ’20
- Racism, Capitalism, and Educational Injustice: Roots, Radical Dreaming, and Resistance by Jeremy Benson
- The Power of Privilege: Race and Capitalism through Langston Hughes Poetry by April Brown
- Race and the Distribution of Wealth in Rhode Island by Faye Thompson and Kaylee Martin
- Policing in America: How Capitalism and Racism Intersect by Vanessa Flores-Maldonado
- Gender as a Capitalist Structure by Justice Gaines
- You Are Presumed Guilty by Shay Iyer ’19 and Heather Swift
- Workshop by Dr. James Haile III
- Workshop by Jasmine Alqassar ’19 and Emma Keene-Reinhard ’19
- Money, Power, Respect: The Interplay of Race & Capitalism in American Sports by Dr. Barret Fabris

Check out the below video for some of the day's highlights!