Mock Trial Moves to the Tournament Playoffs

This past Tuesday, January 10, Lincoln School's Mock Trial team competed in Round 3 of the Rhode Island Senior Mock Trial Tournament, run through the Rhode Island Legal Education Foundation. A hard-fought victory secured Lincoln's spot in the tournament playoffs! 

Lincoln's Mock Trial players took on the role of the defense while players from Providence Country Day School assumed the side of the prosecution. Attorney Andrew Berg presided as judge. Attorneys Sarah Potter & Joseph McBurney were the scoring officials.

There are no heroes in this year's case, which involves a young person with a criminal history who has been charged with pushing the local loan shark off the top floor of a downtown parking garage. This case was engineered to reward players for their style and poise before the court. 

Though Lincoln's team was at a disadvantage in Round 3—a previous schedule adjustment which had the team taking the side of the prosecution in the first two rounds—players offered a smooth presentation from start to finish scoring well at each stage of the trial. The result was a definitive and well-deserved victory for LIncoln.

Lincoln's Mock Trial team concludes the regular portion of this year's tournament with a record of 2-1 and will take part in the Mock Trial Tournament playoffs in the near future. Stay tuned for more Mock Trial action in the months ahead!