• Middle School
Middle School Celebrates Close of the Year

The Middle School commemorated the end of a one-of-a-kind school year on Monday, June 9 via Zoom. Showcasing their initiative, the class of 2024 planned the webinar with their teachers and advisors. Oluwademilade Egunjobi ’24, Savannah Lombardi ’24, Li Li Mitchell ’24, Claire Cunningham ’24, and Eleanor Jarvis ’24 spoke about their Middle School experiences and gave advice to the current Grade 6 and 7 students. Read Li Li’s poem below. 

Middle School Director Debbie Hanney addressed the Middle School and their parents, who watched the ceremonies on their screens. “Finding joy in the process of your journey and pausing to take stock at the milestones along the way is so important. Please celebrate the many beginnings, middles, and endings. In our study of Human Rights, we learned that many changes were made by people your age. Keep asking the hard questions. Remember to learn, listen, and educate yourself. Stand up and speak out when you see injustice. May demanding and affecting change be part of your journey.

Kathy Maccini, Middle School LSPA chair, created a fabulous slide show representing each girl from the class of 2024. At the end of the ceremony, all Middle School faculty sent well wishes to all of the students for a wonderful summer. 




The Farthest Shooting Star

By Li Li Mitchell ‘24


Throughout the year we grow and learn.

Aspire to be better in our turn.

And, with each day comes another,

In this time of madness, we find each other.

We laugh, and talk, and joke, and dream,

Virtually as it may seem.


There is no future great enough,

For whom we aspire to be.

Nor, world with doors wide enough,

For what we want to see.

Yet, when we see the dreams,

For what they truly are,

We reach beyond the mirage,

To the farthest shooting star.

There are endless possibilities,

In what we choose to seek,

And, we will reach them someday,

None of us is weak.


How beautiful this time of youth,

That is so quickly gone!

We came to learn together,

In moments we are done.


The relationships we’ve built,

Will not be wholly replaced.

We will come back and see each other,

If that be the case.

And, I will never forget,

What you have all taught me.

To work beyond my limitations,

And be true to me.

I hope we take our experiences,

And use the lessons in our lives,

To implement our Best Judgement,

In overcoming strife.

Right now, I take a breath,

Another breath or two,

This might be the last time,

I’ll see ALL of you.

Each and every one of us,

Has really come this far,

I hope we will all reach that farthest shooting star.