• Head of School
Lincoln Is Thriving



I have some exciting news to share. 

As you know, exceptional teaching and unique learning opportunities have been at the heart of a Lincoln education for more than a century. We’ve built a reputation as an institution that’s pushing education for girls forward, and that reputation is growing stronger every day. 

Lincoln is thriving. 

And now, thanks to an unprecedented act of generosity, we are about to take our academic program to an even higher level. The Hibbitt/Rockwell family, long-time members of our community, have announced that they will be donating five million dollars to Lincoln, to be spent over the next ten years to support teaching and learning. 

This is the largest non-bequest gift Lincoln has ever received, and we are deeply grateful. It is an incredible validation of the excellent work our faculty and staff are doing now, and a bold investment in the future. It’s also deeply, uniquely Lincoln—a gift from within our own community, rooted in an intimate understanding of what makes learning at Lincoln so special, from both a student and faculty perspective. 

With these funds, we can say “yes” to more opportunities for our faculty and staff, to enhance and enrich their professional experience and ensure that Lincoln is a sought-after place to work. We can say “yes” to expanding the programs and partnerships that Lincoln is known for, and exploring new ones. We can say “yes” to sustaining our momentum as a leader and innovator in education for girls. 

Lincoln is thriving. This major gift, and the potential it represents, are proof. But they’re also just the beginning. With your support, we can do even more. In the coming months, I will be sharing our ambitious new strategic plan and some of the ways we hope to build on our school’s unique strengths to deliver an ever-more dynamic learning experience for our students.

As I enter into my third year as Head of School, I hope you are as excited and inspired as I am about what is ahead for Lincoln.

Onward together, 

Sophie Glenn Lau ’88
Head of School