Lincoln Graduates the Class of 2022

Considering the profound changes that have affected Lincoln’s beloved gatherings over the past couple of years, the end of this school year was a refreshing return to cherished traditions. On Monday night, the sixth of June, the Senior Dinner evening ended with the traditional Step Singing, during which the seniors officially pass the Red Doors over to the juniors, who officially become the “new seniors” on the eve of graduation. Juniors drove up to the circle, dressed from the ’70s, from casual to glam. They sang ABBA songs that alternately roasted and appreciated their senior classmates. They wrote a whole song about the seniors parking and driving histories that fell mostly into the roast category.

Seniors sang back a few cleverly written songs. Parents looked on with varying levels of emotion and curiosity. Finally, the juniors assumed the steps amid hugs and tears. Enjoy the pictures of the event.

Per tradition, Lincoln’s 136th Commencement was held the following day, on Tuesday, the seventh of June, under clear blue skies with a perfect Faxon Farm breeze blowing. As the graduates of the Class of 2022 processed into the tent and onto the stage, the smiles inside matched the sunshiny weather. On the podium next to the excited graduates were Head of School Sophie Glenn Lau ’88, Commencement Speaker Kim Anderson ’80, Board of Trustees president Jane Jamieson ’71, and Peter Brooks, Director of Upper School. Following their warm welcome, seniors Maya K. and Samantha B. delivered rousing and poignant speeches to commemorate the occasion. 

Maya started her presentation with recollections of the earliest days of her career at Lincoln: the freshman retreat, or the “infamous freshman retreat,” to quote Maya. She went on to describe an “unshakeable feeling that we were about to do something big” and a desire to “figure it all out right then. Who would become my best friends? What would we possibly have to talk about at lunch for four years? Who would get me through precalculus?” In that moment the hundreds of people under that tent were connected by Maya’s reminder of the vulnerability of those early teenage years and the tremendous growth potential that is high school. 

Samantha spoke next, asking the crowd to think deeply about the accomplishments and contributions of this multi-faceted class. “We have athletes, singers, dancers, actresses, engineers, artists, botanists, comedians…” Samantha’s speech also asked us to consider the close personal connections within the class and the sense of mutual support. “These categories are only a small part of what this class really represents, which is a sisterhood.” Samantha shared the wisdom of her mother, a Lincoln alumna herself, as she prepared to end her speech, “You never truly appreciate Lincoln until you've left it. … Although we will have disappeared from Lincoln’s landscape next year, we have learned so much from each other, whether our years here were 16 or 2, and I think we will have equally important things to share of our bright futures ahead.” Well-said, Samantha! Thanks to you and Maya for your words and powerful message.

Following the student speeches, Kim Anderson ’80 took to the podium to share exciting, inspiring, and impactful stories of her work as an entrepreneur. Ms. Anderson is the creator and co-founder of Plant City, the stunning and always busy vegan marketplace on Water Street in Providence. She looked directly at the members of the Class of 2022 and told them what she wishes she had known when she was their age. Ms. Anderson urged the graduates to think like entrepreneurs, she advised them to network with each other as Lincoln alumnae, and to lift other women up on their future paths. Before promising that each member of the class can text her and count on her anytime for such support, she drove home perhaps the most important message for women to hear: “You are enough. Hard stop.” It was an electrifying moment for all under that tent, and we thank Ms. Anderson for such an inspiring presence.

We will never forget the inimitable and ever-interesting 54 members of Class of 2022, and we wish them love, loyalty, lowliness, and luck in those bright futures. We will miss you all!