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Lessons From My Lincoln Days: Unapologetically Terza Lima-Neves '95, Ph.D.

This International Women's Day, Middle and Upper School students were treated to a talk by Terza Lima-Neves '95, Ph.D., a Kriola, mommy-scholar, professor of political science at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a proud Lincoln girl. 

"I'm here because I wanted to tell you the importance of my time at this great institution. I credit Lincoln for making me the unapologetic Kriola mommy-scholar I am today," said Lima-Neves. "I am unapologetically every aspect of my identity because of the classmates I interacted with when I was here, because of the teachers I had, and because of the administration that led us in the right direction."

Watch the full video below, or read on for Terza's reflections of the Lincoln experience.

Lessons From My Lincoln Days: 

- That I am fabulous!

- Who I am is ALWAYS good enough, even when I am unsure of what that means

- There is nothing wrong with being proud of where I come from and letting the world know

- Follow my passion and the money will follow

- You don't have to choose between the personal and the professional

- Be flexible and allow growth: it's ok to change my mind about who I am and what I want to do with my life. As long as it's MY decision and I am doing it for the betterment of ME

- No one has permission to dim my light

- To be unapologetically myself: passionate about my culture, committed to my family, and motivated to make the world a better place by empowering/inspiring one girl/woman at a time!

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