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International Women’s Day: A Day of Action

In a time when virtually everything has a day of recognition—from lima beans to lost socks—and people are inundated with hashtags and social media noise, what makes International Women’s Day (IWD) unique and powerful? The answer is simple: action.

International Women’s Day is first and foremost a day of action and a call to change, a push for greater gender parity across all domains of life. Dating back to the early twentieth century, it began as a worldwide alignment of protests and calls for suffrage, for better pay, and improved working conditions for women after the major cultural shifts spurred by the Industrial Revolution. 

Over 100 years later the struggle for gender parity continues, as we build on the achievements of the women who have come before. Around the world, this means marches, fundraising events, and conferences. At Lincoln, today is a day of deep reflection for faculty and staff about how single-gender education, generally, and Lincoln School, specifically, support the goal of gender parity. For students, it is a day of celebration and learning. Students are reading books about women’s history and pioneers of the women’s rights movement. They are discussing and planning and building the foundation for the actions they will take to make gender parity a reality.

“For me, it is amazing to see and hear young girls and young women using their voices to challenge the status quo—at school, nationally, and globally. Our Upper School theater production this fall was a lens into the ways in which "choosing to challenge" has been part of Lincoln School's DNA since the beginning. I can't wait to see the work continue with the next generation of Lincoln students.” Sophie Glenn Lau ’88, Head of School

This year’s IWD theme is Choose to Challenge, and people around the globe are choosing to challenge and call out inequality. We #ChooseToChallenge. Will you?