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This Week In: Middle School Science

This fall, Grade 7 students in science teacher Katy Wood's class are learning how to identify the trees around the Lincoln School campus. By analyzing characteristics such as the unique leave shape and bark pattern of each tree, they will be able to classify the different species around the school. 

We saw them earlier this week examining the makeup of our beloved Beech Tree. They were identifying leaf type, shape, and arrangement. Students were taking descriptions of the bark, and overall tree shape as well. 

Is the leaf shape linear, oblong, orbicular? What did you notice on the bark? Moss, fungus, insect holes?

They will continue to move throughout campus taking note of each species. Due to natural causes such as weather or old age, the list of trees can change from year-to-year, Ms. Wood noted. 

It's always great to see our students taking their hands-on learning outdoors, and enjoying the fresh air!