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  • Lower School
Grade 4 On the Bay

Grade 4 spent the morning of May 9 on Narragansett Bay on an Urban River Cruise up the Seekonk River and down through the Port of Providence. They saw egrets, great blue herons, osprey, and even a coyote. Part of the cruise included a “micro plastic trawl” to see how much small plastic are in our waters. The purpose of the trawl is to monitor the amount of plastics, from styrofoam to synthetic fibers that end up in the Bay.

A student reflects on the day:

“We saw the hurricane barrier and took water samples in the river and the bay. The salinity or salt in the water is very different in both places. Before doing Save the Bay I didn’t know what Ph was. Now I know that is the amount of acid in the water.”

Anna Painter the Lower School STEAM teacher commented that Grade 4 has been studying plastics in the ocean and it was shocking to realize that there is significant plastic in the Bay. This field experience is a great culmination of our Quaker Studies focus on plastic that has happened in Lower School this year.

This adventure is part of Lincoln’s partnership with Save the Bay. In celebration of our home in the state of RI and in keeping with our Quaker value of stewardship of the earth, Kindergarten through Grade 5 enjoys this partnership. Throughout the academic year, they participate in authentic, hands-on, learning experiences about the fragile Narragansett Bay ecosystem and they all take an active role in preserving it.