• Lower School
Going for the Gold

The Pre-Kindergarten, known as the Ginkgo classroom, ended their year with a Ginkgo Olympic celebration! For many years, the Ginkgo teacher, Theresa Crum, has finished the year with a project that brings together the interests of the children and the discussions that have taken place during the year. This student-centered approach is an important part of the Reggio-inspired program in the early childhood program at Lincoln School.

This year the children displayed a special interest in flags. It all started when fellow Ginkgo teacher Isa Cespedes was sitting in the block area and the children were building around her.  One child commented that she looked like “that lady” or the Statue of Liberty. This led to learning about Ellis Island and then talking about people and flags from many countries. The flags led to the Olympics, thoughtful discussions about various countries and cultures and the idea that teamwork matters.

The Ginkgo Olympics was a great celebration of the year, a fun way to explore the Olympic tradition, and learn about different countries and cultures.

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