Giving Thanks, Gathering Together

On Tuesday, we gathered the Lincoln community together in the Music Center for an all-school Thanksgiving celebration. It was the first time all three divisions were able to come together to give thanks for quite some time! 

We sang songs, shared stories, and took the time to state what we’re most thankful for.  Head of School Sophie Lau spoke to Lincoln students young and old about gratitude and shared a quote from Henry Van Dyke, an early 20th century English professor and diplomat: “Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”  

Vivienne M., Grade 4, Zoila W., Grade 7, and Nidhi Ramesh, Grade 10, each spoke to the audience about what Thanksgiving looks like in their household and the traditions, old and new, that they each hold dear. As Zoila explained to our community, “For this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for my friends and family, food, a home, and Lincoln School because we have so many amazing teachers, classes, and opportunities. Thank you to all the people that make Lincoln School so special. I hope your Thanksgiving will be awesome!”

We listened to one of our favorite songs, The Road is Calling, with Mr. Lumsden directing the Lower School Ensemble and we sang all together, “Friends are like a family, families are like friends; All the world’s your family, the chain will never end. When the night is lonely, and you’re feeling miles apart; if you forgot to thank someone, say thank you in your heart.”  

We hope everyone in our Lincoln community has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday! We are grateful for you.