Full STEAM Ahead: Engineering and Design
  • Academics
  • Upper School

At Lincoln School, STEAM is more than just Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math—it is a way of learning. As an educational discipline, STEAM sparks a lifelong passion for arts and sciences in learners from a very early age. Our own STEAM framework goes even further, emphasizing not only how to learn—how to formulate questions, how to investigate, how to experiment, how to create—but how to engage the creative process in developing different methods for all of those activities.

Our STEAM framework also brings disciplines together in innovative ways. Leveraging the synergy between the modeling process and math/science content, for example, dissolves the boundaries between modeling techniques and mathematical/scientific thinking. Through this holistic approach, girls learn more deeply and engage more thoroughly with the concepts targeted in learning outcomes.

"STEAM empowers learners in an equitable space; it's everyone's game. The STEAM mindset is a laboratory for practical inquiry," says John Diego Arango, Director of STEAM Program at Lincoln School. 

In this quarter's Engineering and Design course, Upper School students learn about and use the engineering process to flexibly work in any situation to solve problems. Some of the projects they are working on include:

  • Redesigning and 3D printing tools
  • Designing kites using wood paper and 3D printed attachments
  • Building robots
  • Designing, printing, and building hydroponic systems