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Eighteen New Steel Yard Grads

Every summer since 2014 Middle and Upper School students have had the opportunity to be a part of the Steel Yard immersion program. This unique partnership was spearheaded by Visual Arts Department Chair Anita Thompson ’89, and for the past seven summers an average of fifteen students have participated. This summer was no exception!

During the week of June 14, eighteen Lincoln students incorporated their STEAM skills and their imaginations to create unique pieces of jewelry and metalworking. They received hands-on experience working with the tools of the trade, in a safe and creative environment. Jewelry students were introduced to soldering, filing, sanding, and chainmaking, while those participating in metalworking jumped into MIG welding, oxycutting, grinding, acetylene torching, and plasma cutting. 

Creations included metal dragons and full-scale rocking chairs, delicate tree hoop earrings, and beautiful silver rings. On the final day, the group concluded the program with a combined critique, where they could celebrate others’ accomplishments as well as their own. 

“The collection of art from this year's Steel Yard program was amazing. I am so proud of the creations and the group’s willingness to embrace the aspect of trial and error to eventually lead them to the finished pieces of which they are so proud.” 
—Anita Thompson ’89, Visual Arts Department Chair