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Count to Five: Middle School Math Counts Team Scores Fifth Place

After a full year of preparation, the Middle School Math Counts team took home a fifth place award this weekend in the statewide competition! 

The first two rounds of the competition are individual, and the third round is a group competition with each team comprised of the top four individual competitors from every school. Lincoln's third-round team was made up of Grade 8 students Elena Hurtado, Abigail Klein, and Isabel Birkenblit and Grade 6 student Demi Egunjobi. 

"It was so exciting to see these girls compete against all-boys teams. The gender breakdown was very heavily in favor of boys, and to hold their own and ultimately best other teams in a traditionally male-dominate subject gave these girls such a great sense of confidence and empowerment," said math teacher and Math Counts advisor Elinor Hannum. "It was a great moment for them to further realize exactly how much they're capable of."

Congratulations to the Middle School Math Counts team!  


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