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An Update on the Copper Beech Tree

While our front lawn’s distinctive appearance will change on November 24, 2021, this is a reminder for us all that our community inhabits a larger ecosystem, ever-changing and magnificent. 

To that end, Lincoln School will approach this albeit sad milestone as an opportunity to do what Lincoln does best—set the stage for deep learning. Through the years, Lincoln students have explored the tree as an artistic medium, investigated it through scientific inquiry, and simply used it as a space to come together. 

Even now, we look outside and see students gathered close by, eating lunch or laughing with friends. On Friday, Lincoln Head of School spotted Grade 4 students outside writing poems about the beloved beech tree. Practicing using similes, one student explained to Ms. Lau, “the branches of the beech tree are like the tentacles of an octopus.”


For updates and information on happenings regarding the tree, be sure to visit www.lincolnschool.org/copperbeech.

We encourage our community to peruse Lincoln School Libraries’ recommended reading list all about trees.

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