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Community Connections: Rhode Island Hospital

As a Quaker school, the SPICES—Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship—are the foundation of all we do at Lincoln. And recently, some of our Lower School friends have been able to exercise the Community piece of our SPICES. 

If you follow our blog, you'll remember that for Valentine's Day students in Mrs. Green's Grade 1 class created "Love Bug" Kindness Rocks to be placed in respite rooms at Rhode Island Hospital. Well, on Tuesday, Adrianne Walsh, Manager of Volunteer Services at Rhode Island Hospital, visited the class! She talked to Grade 1 about the respite room at the hospital and how much the staff is enjoying their acts of kindness.

Ms. Walsh was a wealth of information for the class about the hospital. She explained the respite room and also showed more pictures of the staff enjoying the comfort of the room. She told the young students that some older Lincoln School students volunteer at the hospital and they could do that as well when they reached the age of 14. 

As a Kindness Rocks Project Ambassador, Jennie Green brought the project to Lincoln School’s first grade. This partnership works hand in hand with the social-emotional learning program in the lower school. By painting and sharing Kindness Rocks the children are developing stronger social/emotional skills which in turn improves their academic performance and develops positive social behavior. Having empathy and kindness towards others allows the children to understand how others are feeling and develop greater empathy for others. These skills aid children in developing stronger relationships and friendships. 

When making Kindness Rocks, the children talk about how it feels to be kind and how it feels to be treated kindly. The simple act of painting rocks is a powerful way for the children to show that they care for others.