CLUE: Performing Arts Delivers Night of Comedy
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The production brought audiences laughter and overall delight.

Lincoln School Performing Arts Department presented their fall play, CLUE on Friday, November 19, and Saturday, November 20.

The cast and crew consisted of Upper School students and was directed by Lincoln Faculty Don Mays. 

The hype surrounding the performance SOLD OUT the Friday evening show! Inside the theater, all focus was on "Who done it?"

Boddy Manor, depicted on stage with creative moving sets, doors, and a plethora of prop weapons, was the perfect setting for the unfolding of a murder mystery. 

On a "dark and stormy night" at the Boddy Manor, a slue of blackmailed characters arrived each with their own motive. Costumed vibrantly, each made their grand entrance through the center stage. In hilarious fashion, the crowd quickly became acquainted with Wadsworth the butler (Caroline C. '22), the Cook (Cate M. '24), Yvette the maid (Brittany T. '22), Miss Scarlet (Lucia J. '24), Professor Plum (Sophia M. '24), Colonel Mustard (Melody J. '24), Mrs. Peacock (Jess H.L. '22), Mr. Green (Briana L. '22), Mrs. White (Jade M. '23), and Mr. Boddy (Ashley O. '22). Humorous guest appearances were made by the Unexpected Cop (Andy M. '23), an Auxiliary Mr. Boddy (Frankie S. '24), short-lived Telegram Girl (Claire C. '24), and the fallen Chandelier (Isabel B. '22).

With a theme of murder, the cast aced the hilarious panic and mania related to finding (and then hiding) the bodies of characters lost. The Performing Arts Department delivered on all the fun to be had with producing the story of CLUE. Congratulations to the Cast and Crew, especially the graduating Seniors for a wonderful performance. Save the date for the upcoming performance of NEWSIES on March 4 & 5.