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Celebrating the Lynx: 2020 Athletic Awards

Students, coaches, faculty, staff, and parents gathered virtually this morning to celebrate this year’s student-athletes and their many accomplishments. 

After a welcome from Director of Athletics Ann Palms, and Head of School Suzanne Fogarty, senior Cede Rashleigh McNally–a four-year member of the soccer team–spoke to those gathered about her time as a Lynx. In her words, “Lincoln’s athletes are strong, brave, and creative, and they are always there for one another to make each other stronger, braver, and more creative.”

Her words set the stage for the recognition of her fellow student-athletes, including those who were four-, eight-, or twelve-year letter winners, a true hallmark of dedication to sport and school.

Congratulations to…

  • Dounya Bilal (four-year)
  • Ellie Blumberg (four-year)
  • Elise Hasseltine (four-year)
  • Cede Rashleigh-McNally (four-year)
  • Olivia Vitale (four-year)
  • Maleah Weaver (four-year)
  • Elizabeth Dahlberg (eight-year)
  • Abby Gaetz (eight-year)
  • Sasha Landau (eight-year)
  • Rachael Romain (eight-year)
  • Addie deFeo (twelve-year)
  • Amelia Lambert (twelve-year)
  • Jadyn Ramos (twelve-year)

The 2019 Varsity field hockey team was recognized as the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Division II state champions, and the 2019-20 swim team was acknowledge for winning their division during regular season competition.

To conclude the celebratory morning, Head of School Suzanne Fogarty and Upper School Director Peter Brooks recognized several student-athletes from the Class of 2020 with the school’s athletic awards.

Lynx Award | Jadyn Ramos, Rachael Romain

  • “A strong, versatile, and competitive athlete, Jadyn has a tremendous work ethic whether she’s on the field, court, or river. She knows how to dig deep and is willing to switch positions in order to support the needs of each team on which she competes.”
  • “It has been as rewarding as it has been exciting to watch Rachael develop into a formidable force on the playing field and court. She’s a fierce competitor during every game and match and inspires her teammates to give their all each and every day.”

Frances L. Chisholm Athletic Award | Elizabeth Dahlberg

  • “This three-season athlete absolutely loves being part of a team and representing the Lynx both on the field and in the pool. Elizabeth always brings a bright smile to her teammates,  is supportive and enthusiastic, and is equally dedicated during practices or games alike.”

Elizabeth Olney McLoughlin ’44 Award | Addie deFeo

  • “This 12-season athlete has contributed to the overall success of the Lynx program and is respected throughout the league for her consistent effort and highest level of play both on the field and court. Addie is a tenacious player who has a deep understanding of the game, thereby elevating the overall level of play for each team on which she competes.”

Julie Greene ’54 Award | Sasha Landau

  • “Sasha embodies the best of what it means to be a scholar-athlete. Not only does she elevate the play of those around her, she has been recognized for her sportsmanship by other teams and referees. She has a joy for sports and is a positive leader, thereby serving as a terrific mentor to younger teammates.”

Alexis Allen Boss ’89 Athletic Award | Amelia Lambert

  • “Possessing a stellar field sense, this defensive powerhouse remains calm, cool and collected under pressure. Amelia brings a love for the game, integrity and coachability and a great sense of humor with her each and every day. She inspires those of us around her in all aspects of campus life as a Lincoln student-athlete for her character, humility and sportsmanship.”

Enjoy the video below, which highlights the accomplishments from our 11 varsity sports and all of the award winners, and join us in congratulating all of Lincoln School’s incredible student-athletes!