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Celebrating International Day of Peace at the Little School









The Infants and Yearlings had fun making beautiful hand-print butterflies.

On Wednesday, the Little School joined Lincoln School in celebrating the International Day of Peace. This year the driving theme was Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All.  Inspired by Nancy Wang's tale of immigration in A New Pair of Wings, the children explored the widely used image of the monarch butterfly as a representation of the migrant. Beloved for its beauty and its seemingly miraculous migrations across huge distances, the monarch embodies hope for those who much travel great distances to survive and find opportunity.


The Toddlers worked together to plant native milkweed and construct butterfly houses to support the monarch along their journey.


The Young Threes participated in the Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration, sending decorated paper butterflies to students in a school in Mexico where they will spend the winter before returning in the Spring.