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Bringing Finance Into Focus: Finnest Partners With Women in the Global Economy Class

Women in the Global Economy, a course designed to build competence and confidence in all areas of personal and global economics, forged a partnership with a visit from Richard McDonald, cofounder and COO of Finnest, a startup dedicated to helping kids and teens become stars with saving, growing, and responsibly spending money.

Finnest, a mobile app and secure debit card, was designed to give kids firsthand experience handling money and parents the ability to maintain control while still setting their children up for a better financial future.

According to Finnest’s website, “Kids in the US are growing up being far removed from the process of handling money the modern way. Parents are using more plastic money than ever while their kids are stuck with using cash. Participating in the world of digital money is the first step to understanding how digital money works. Learning how to handle money is an experimental process rather than a tutorial one.”

This first visit wasn’t just to help enrich the class curriculum, but also the first step in a partnership between Finnest and Lincoln—the Women in the Global Economy class will act as a focus group examining the effects of early adoption financial literacy.

“I had a great experience [visiting Lincoln] and it was wonderful to see the school and converse with that smart group of students,” said McDonald. “I’m looking forward to getting the focus group going and working together!”

Finnest will be up and running in the near future—check out https://www.finnest.co/ to learn more, and stay tuned for updates!

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