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Beyond the Score Post #4 | An Interview Beyond the Statistics

Avery Bernier '21 is joining our blogging team this year with a series designed especially for athletes–Beyond the Score! 

After the field hockey team claimed their victory over Wheeler on November 2, it’s been on my mind to talk to some of the players. After all, this blog is called Beyond the Score so I wanted some of the team’s backstory. Winning a championship game takes so much more than just being good at the sport. Not only does the whole team have to physically prepare through practice and conditioning, but mentally everyone must be in sync and ready to take on anything that comes their way during the game. After pulling together my questions, I spoke with Ella Glucksman, a junior and the team’s goalie, and Amelia Lambert, a senior and team captain who plays defense. They shared their insights on what it took to lead Lincoln to the victory. 

Both girls said that preseason was a time of bonding for the team. It was a time for the more timid freshmen to break out of their shells, throw away any fear, and truly become a part of the team. This bond helped the girls win their championship against Wheeler. Amelia also explained that, “Everyone on the team was willing to work hard all season to improve.” However, like in most sports, the path to victory is never an easy one. Amelia describes how the team was almost too comfortable with one another, which caused some communication issues on the field. “There were moments when players would bicker with one another, but that’s what happens when you have actual sisters and best friends on the team,” she shared. Although at the time it may have seemed difficult, the team was able to work through this issue. Many times it's the setbacks and challenges that teach us how to grow as athletes 

Amelia and Ella also talked about their favorite moments on the team, aside from the win. A highlight for Ella was planning Senior Day. As she recalls, “Senior Day was definitely one of my best memories of the season. Kiera, Devanshi, and I worked really hard on it and it was definitely worth it. I made a kahoot on ‘who knows our seniors the best,’ and it was very funny. I also made a stadium cake, and we put mini-pictures of all of the seniors and their families on it and there were lots of laughs with that.” Clearly, a lot of work went into planning the special day for the seniors! As both of the girls explained, there was a great balance of playing field hockey and letting loose once in a while, Senior Day being one of those more fun-filled days.

After every competitive season, there is something to learn and take away for the future. Ella, excited to be a leader on the team next year, voices how she learned a lot about how to lead the team from the seniors. Amelia explained how she will never forget this group of girls, and she says “After playing in the state championship game three times prior to this year, it was the greatest feeling to finally win. I will always have a special place in my heart for these girls.”

Congratulations to the field hockey team for doing a phenomenal job this season! Thank you to both Amelia and Ella for providing insight into what field hockey’s season looked like beyond just the final score. 

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” ~ Mia Hamm