Best Wishes to the Class of 2026!

Under clear blue skies at Faxon Farm the 2021/2022 Middle School Closing Exercises ceremony was a splendid occasion in which to celebrate the Class of 2026. 

As all 27 members of the 8th grade class processed onto the stage, it hardly seemed possible that the end of the year had come so soon. What a year it was! Suddenly the leadership retreat at Camp Aldersgate and scaling the heights of TreeTop Adventures seemed a long time ago, when those are two of the initial bonding moments of September. The Class of 2026 created worlds in science and on stages, spoke in a variety of languages, wrote and directed plays, and traveled together through Lincoln’s hallways, athletic fields, and the streets of New York. And as they arrived on the stage at Faxon Farm on Monday, a happy crowd cheered them on their voyage from middle school to high school.

Several students read speeches they had written, and these words served to make us all smile and reflect. Sarah Berube spoke of the shared experience the class has had going through middle school during the pandemic, but her speech bubbled with excitement for their high school futures and the importance of cheering each other on. “Truthfully you never know when a classmate needs that the most,” Sarah said, thanking her peers for their kindness. Isobel Lewis spoke eloquently about the vocabulary of the pandemic, which the students have learned alongside their Latin declensions. Her remarks touched poignantly upon profound current events and how important resilience has proven to be. Charlotte Alvarez, one of the newest members of the Class of 2026, said, “When I got here, I kind of expected to be navigating Lincoln alone. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Both the class and faculty were so supportive. No matter how many times I asked where things were (and it was a lot) I was always greeted by someone willing to help.” This sense of camaraderie was echoed in Morgan Boss’s speech as she spoke of the joy the class shared in being in New York City together in April. Morgan also urged the 6th and 7th graders to “soak up every minute, the good and the bad,” in the spirit of learning from mistakes and relying on friends, teachers, and family.

We all wish the Class of 2026 the best as they take their smart, funny, loving selves on the next journey. We will be here, cheering you on!