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At Lincoln, Today is Not Just a Day—It's A Movement

Today is International Day of the Girl, a day dedicated to helping girls everywhere to be seen as equals both in the eyes of others and in their own eyes. And while setting aside a particular day provides a rallying point around which to mobilize, when you're a part of an institution that puts girls first, the work is year round. 

"Here at Lincoln, today is not a singular day to celebrate; it's a longterm plan to empower girls and women to be informed about the world around them and create sustainable change," said Dr. Barret Fabris, Director of The Center for Justice, Peace, and Global Citizenship. "There's an accepted phrase: 'shattering the glass ceiling.' But here, we rethink that. Here, we empower you not to break the glass ceiling, but to actively dismantle the structure that supports the ceiling. That is the only way to ensure real progress."

In that spirit, Grade 8 watched this video created by The Global Goals organization about girls around the world fighting for their freedom. Afterwards, the group engaged in a discussion about systemic issues, global issues, and their involvement at a place like Lincoln School, one dedicated to girls' empowerment through education.

"You move the needle on this every single day by being here at Lincoln," said Debbie Hanney, Middle School director. "All of you are an integral and critical part of this movement."