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A Lot to Love About Lincoln: Sue Farnum Shares Top Five

This guest blog from Lincoln Director of Admission Sue Farnum looks at the top five reasons she loves Lincoln School, not only as a staff member but also as the parent to two girls, one in Lower School and one in Middle School. 

Tell us five things you love about Lincoln:

  • Being a Lincoln Parent: I love getting to see Lincoln girls experience the benefits of a Lincoln education firsthand, not only as an administrator but also as a parent. I’ve seen firsthand through my own two daughters that at Lincoln, providing a comprehensive and challenging academic program is at the forefront. But just as important is ensuring our girls are kind, contributing members of all the communities of which they are a part. As our Grade 2 teacher often says, ‘as it takes practice to master your math facts, it also takes practice to be kind’. And those words could not be more true when it comes to a Lincoln student. Day in and day out, Lincoln’s commitment to empowering girls as confident, passionate, and compassionate learners can be felt all throughout campus, but also at home and in the world.
  • My Office Location: My office looks onto the front lawn of 301 Butler with a view of our beloved beech tree. However, I need not look outside to see what is happening; I only need to listen. From the Grade 4 track and field Olympics in P.E. to the Grade 7 students spread across the yard sketching trees for science, to students in all divisions, including Upper School, doing cartwheels and dancing during outdoor lunch, the laughter and chatter are constant. If I were to describe Lincoln by sound, this would be it: the joy of a community coming together.
  • Continuing The Family Tradition:  My own girls continue a proud family Lincoln tradition, following in the footsteps of their aunt (Lincoln‘92) and graduating a century after their great grandmother (Lincoln ’25). The Lincoln traditions have been a part of the Farnum family for over 95 years!
  • My Commute:  I drive over 60 miles to 301 Butler Ave and home daily. This commute with my daughters has morphed into a time where my girls and I share the two greatest things about our day and the one thing we would change. The unexpected, and often hilarious conversations (the range of topics we cover!) has been a blessing in disguise. My tip for the commuters: keep a stash of snacks in your car. We even pack a cooler! Busy fulfilled days at school, plus after school activities and sports, create ravenous girls!
  • Making and Sustaining Connections:  The connections I have with my colleagues, students, and the Lincoln community enable me to live what our Lincoln girls are encouraged to do: to be a lifelong learner. From the Grade 5 study of female trailblazers to the Sophomore Speaker Series, where our Grade 10 girls boldly speak up and speak out about a topic of their own particular personal passion in front of their peers, I am constantly learning from the engagement, thoughtfulness, and creativity I see at Lincoln each and every day.