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A Class Like No Other

What if everything you ever imagined your senior year of high school to be was wrong? What if the world you were becoming confident that you could navigate independently suddenly morphed into something else entirely? What if this new normal had no clear end in sight?

These were just a few of the myriad conundrums the Class of 2021 had to grapple with as they prepared for their senior year. So many unknowns. So many obstacles and adjustments. Still, this class of 39 young adults thrived. And on June 8, families, friends, faculty, and staff gathered to honor and celebrate their achievements.

Commencement speakers included Peter Brooks, Upper School Director; Jane Jamieson ’71, President of the Board of Trustees; Sophie Glenn Lau ’88, Head of School; Dr. John Minahan, English department faculty; and graduates Kaitlyn A., Emma L., and Sonya A.

This excerpt from Dr. Minahan’s remarks succinctly describes the unique traits of the class and it’s members.

There’s [some]thing you see in a lot of movies and TV shows and books. Shakespeare did it all the time, and it’s kind of a cool way to tell a story. You start with characters who for one reason or another have to pretend to be something they’re not—and then they discover that this new identity is actually more in tune with who they really are. Such an elegant paradox: the mask that reveals.

Think about how quickly you got used to wearing masks. That certainly shows your adaptability. But what else does it show? In other words, what did you reveal about yourselves during the times you had to be masked?  

Well, here’s what I saw. 

When there was uncertainty, you showed persistence. When there was fear and anxiety, you showed curiosity and commitment. When there was discouragement and disappointment and loss, you showed hope and kindness and a certain barbed sense of humor that’s very Lincoln.

— Dr. John Minahan

Congratulations, Class of 2021! We look forward to watching you share these gifts with the world.