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2019 Best of Sophomore Speaker Series

The Sophomore Speaker Series, a new Lincoln School tradition now in its second year, asks our Grade 10 students to speak up and speak out about a topic of their own particular personal passion. Usually running between 4 and 8 minutes, these talks are scheduled throughout the year and presented to their class peers.

Whether students are natural extroverts, unafraid to stand in front of their peers and say what's on their minds, or introverts for whom trusting their own voice is a learned skill, at every interval of our curriculum we put an emphasis on presentation an public speaking. Boldness can certainly be born, but here at Lincoln, we know it also can be built.

At the end of the year, once all the speeches have been given, the class votes to elect their three favorites, which are then presented to all Upper School faculty and staff.

This year's three best-of winners, Sonya Akhtar, Amaris Frias, and Kobii Spruill, shared their speeches honestly and openly. Join us in giving them a rousing round of applause!