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  • Middle School
2018-19 Closing Exercises: Celebrating the Classes of 2023 and 2026

The 2018–19 school year officially ended on Friday, and today we celebrated another incredible year at Lincoln School—and the Classes of 2023 and 2026—during the Middle and Upper School Closing Exercises.

In a morning ceremony filled with song, the Lower School said farewell to the Grade 5 students–the Class of 2026! Lower School Director Maureen Devlin reflected on this powerhouse class–one that is always in motion–and the light and laughter they have brought to the Lower School over the years. In her words, “My friends, you are your best when you are in motion–on the stage, on the playground, in discussions, involved in an experiment. You are moving into Middle School, and we will miss the laughter, the liveliness, the creativity, the volume, the passion, and the unexpected. And we look forward to seeing what unfolds for you in this new time of forward motion.”

The Grade 8 students–the Class of 2023–were sent off to Upper School with a silly celebration featuring beach balls, sunglasses, and plenty of fun! Meghan Hastings, Sarah Caldwell, Jade Ma, and Ava Oliveira eloquently reflected on their class and their time together, and Middle School Director Debbie Hanney shared her thoughts on the year, with special words of wisdom for the departing eighth graders. She shared, “You are individuals with many different talents and passions. I urge you to keep doing what you love to do and try new things. This is in your wheelhouse. You are impressively a class of doers. You recognize, and often celebrate, each other’s difference and unique attributes. As you remain friends and also make new friends, however, I hope you also see the similarities you share.”

Tomorrow–June 11–we celebrate the Commencement of the Class of 2019, and then summer, here we come!

Congratulations to Grade 5, the Class of 2026!

  • Myra Buch
  • Catherine Cadwalader
  • Zahwa Calcatti
  • Sabrie Pearl Davis Griffin
  • Hunter Dubois
  • Avery Farnum
  • Loulie Garrison
  • Derek House
  • Campbell Lambert
  • Annie Lenihan
  • Tatum Morgan
  • Lucy Painter
  • Giuliana Santoro
  • Penelope Saunderson
  • Beatrice Spondike
  • Noura Srour
  • Keely Sullivan
  • Alina Vallejo

Congratulations to Grade 8, the Class of 2023!

  • Audra Ball
  • Oona Barnett
  • Margo Boccuni-Godfrey
  • Courtney Boghosian
  • Geneva Brown
  • Lauren Budovsky
  • Sarah Caldwell
  • Zoë Carpenter
  • Alexis Dahlberg
  • Anya Floru
  • Nina Gonzalez
  • Meghan Hastings
  • Jade Ma
  • Uma Mandapati
  • Aila McEnroe
  • Drew Morgan
  • Ava Oliveira
  • Zosia Rosler
  • Ellen Snyder
  • Hallie Swift
  • Sophia Tremblay