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ALERTNOW Information Form for Faculty and Staff

NOTE: This system does NOT replace all of the other current means of communicating a school cancellation - television and radio broadcasts, the Lincoln homepage, and the school answering system.
Those notifications will all continue to be operative. This is an addition to those systems already in place.

There are two levels of calling - emergency and standard.

Emergency is only used when we have to dismiss early or have a crisis.  In this case all numbers will be called and all emails will be notified.

Standard is the more commonly used system which will be used for non-emergency notifications (e.g. a snow day or the kinds of notification around a school event such as Lumina).  

With this in mind, enter phone numbers and emails with some thought. numbers will be called at 5:00 a.m. when we are cancelling school for a snow day; you probably wouldn't want to enter your mother's phone number in this slot.  More typically this would be your own number.

Do not enter Lincoln's phone number and your extension.  This is an automated system and will only dial a single phone number and not extensions.  If you enter 331-9696, the Front Desk will be deluged with calls and never know for whom they are intended, so you will never get the message.

Please enter seven-digit phone numbers (area code + number) in the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx. Do not include a preceding 1- or enclose the area code in parentheses.

Used for Emergency and Non-Emergency calls
Used for Emergency and Non-Emergency calls only

Email messages follow the same guidelines as telephones above.

Used for Non-Emergency and Emergency messages
Used for Emergency and Non-Emergency calls only

If you have questions about this system, please contact Charles Cofone, Director of Operational Affairs at 401-331-9696 ext 3165 or email

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