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Faxon Farm Renovation



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Lincoln School
Faxon Farm Renovation


Faxon Farm Renovation



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Dear Friends,

Lincoln School has always understood how athletics plays a critical role in nurturing the whole girl - body, mind, and spirit.Playing sports provides unique benefits for girls during their formative years. It promotes higher self-esteem, teaches girls to take risks, engages them in strategic thinking, and reinforces their pursuit of excellence on and off the playing field. Being part of a team is also fun, builds lifelong friendships and helps girls cultivate leadership skills and confidence that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

In 2008, Lincoln launched one of the most ambitious capital renovation projects in the School’s history to create premier facilities for girls at Faxon Farm and to renovate the historic buildings on this campus for the benefit of the entire Lincoln community. Moving forward quickly and decisively, the first two phases of this project have been completed. Today, our athletes are benefiting from our two new playing fields and a new tennis center.


These pages highlight the plans for the third and final phase of this renovation that will transform the look and feel of Faxon Farm. The plan includes the renovation of three
historic buildings at the Farm and the creation of new restrooms, training room, parking,
and other improvements that will make this campus more accessible for everyone at Lincoln. This investment will have an enduring benefit for all Lincoln athletes and provide new opportunities for everyone in the Lincoln community to enjoy the unique character
and amenities of Lincoln’s Faxon Farm campus.

Please join this exciting campaign, fulfilling our commitment to all Lincoln athletes and students. They deserve nothing less than our collective best.
Julia Russell Eells
Julia Russell Eells
Head of School


PHASE 1 (Completed in September 2008)
Synthetic Turf Field: This is the first synthetic turf in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island devoted exclusively to all-girls field sports! The championship field is the home to Lincoln's field hockey, soccer and lacrosse teams and prepares students for both intersholastic and collegiate competition.
PHASE 2 (Completed in September 2010)
New Tennis Center: The new center includes 6 new courts for use by Lincoln's varsity tennis team (2010 RI Interscholastic Division I Champions) and Lincoln's Middle School tennis program.
New Natural Turf Field: A new natural turf field has been upgraded to create a second championship-size playing surface. This field is used by our Upper School field hockey, lacrosse and soccer teams as well as the Middle School teams.
PHASE 3 (Fundraising underway)
Carriage House: This building will provide new restrooms, a beautiful terrace for community gatherings and outdoor fireplace.
Farm House Renovation: The farm house will be repainted, the windows replaced, and all other important exterior restoration will be completed.
Historic Barn Restoration: The barn will be fully restored and will house an Athletic Training Room and storage for field equipment and other essentials to maintain the property.
New Parking, Landscaping, and Fencing: These essentials will complete the site plan and provide convenient access to and security for this athletic complex.

Acquired by Lincoln School in 1980
and named in honor of Constance
Briggs Faxon '36, Faxon Farm is the
home of Lincoln's interscholastic
athletic program. In 2008, the Board
of Trustees developed an ambitious renovation as part of the School's Strategic Plan to transform the Farm. 
The goal of this exciting project is to
create premiere athletic facilities commensurate with our ahtletes' and coaches' dedication to excellence and to complete an extensive renovation
of the Farm's historic buildings that will provide amenities to serve the broader Lincoln community and beyond.


Ariel View

1) FARM HOUSE RENOVATION: The farm house will undergo a full exterior renovation and be more readily available for post-game gatherings and celebrations, community events for Lincoln families and students, meetings and retreats, and Lincon's summer programs.
2) HISTORIC BARN RESTORATION: The barn will be fully restored and equipped with an athletic training room to support athletes in case of injury, private bathroom,
and maintenance storage facilities.

3) DONOR WALKWAY: The walkway will lead down from the Carriage House Terrace to the Tennis Center and the two new championship fields. Donors will have the opportunity to name a paver to commemorate a loved one, beloved faculty member or coach, alumnae or friends.
The completion of the first two phases of the Faxon Farm Renovation is shown in this aerial photograph featuring two new fields and new Tennis Center.

Carriage House

4) CARRIAGE HOUSE: The Carriage House will be transformed with the interior housing a modern restroom facility for our students and visitors. 
5) CARRIAGE HOUSE TERRACE: Connecting to the
back of the Carriage House, an outdoor terrace with seating and a fireplace will overlook the Tennis Center and third playing field. It will be a perfect place for spectators to enjoy games and to gather after practices, to use during Field Day, and for other school events and celebrations.

NEW LANDSCAPING, PARKING, AND SECURITY: These projects will complement the athletic facilities and renovated buildings. A handsome stone wall will frame the entryway into Faxon Farm. A new "green" parking area will make parking and site access convenient for guests, visiting teams, and Lincoln families. Together, these new amenities and imporovements will make Faxon Farm a true scond campus for all Lincoln students, families, and community members to enjoy.


Faxon Farm



Faxon Farm


"Participating in athletics at
Lincoln has given me a group of
friends across all grades. As a
freshman I was friends with
seniors and as a senior I am
friends with freshman. Training,
practicing, winning, and losing
with my teams has brought me
considerable joy as well as
considerable pain. Athletics at
Lincoln always seem to push me
out of my comfort zone and into
what seems to be a realm of
impossibility, but in the end I am
always satisfied and incredibly
proud of my accomplishments. As
I move on to college, I will always
keep my athletic experiences
here close to my heart."
- Megan, Class of 2011


Holly Metcalf

"Lincoln School not only
recognized my intellect,
but acknowledged my
kinesthetic intelligence. 
Without this reflection of
my athletic self as an
essential part of my being,
I would never have
created my not-for-profit
Row As One Institute
or become a teacher,
musician, and writer. 
The Quaker philosophy
focused on self-refelction
spoke to me early on and
continues to sustain the
core of who I am today."

- Holly Metcalf, Class of 1976
Olympic Rower
M.I.T. Faculty Member



SoccerAs a community commited to investing in the whole girl, Lincoln parents, alumnae, grandparents, foundations and friends have a unique opportunity to be a part of this project by investing in creating a premier athletic facility and renovating Lincoln's historic Faxon Farm buildings.

Faxon Farm Fundraising Summary

Total Project $3.45 million
Phase 1 and 2 $1.9 million (committed)
Phase 3 (balance to raise) $1.55 million


By working together, everyone connected to Lincoln has the opportunity to be a part of this campaign that will be of permanent value to Lincoln students now and in the future. Gifts at this critical stage in our planning and fundraising for Faxon Farm will inspire others to support our efforts to their fullest porential.

For additional information about this project and how to participate, please contact:

Adrienne Morris
Director of Development and Alumnae Relations

Lincoln School
301 Butler Avenue
Providence, RI 02906
Direct phone: 401-331-1118
Email: amorris@lincolnschool.org

For additional information about this project and how to participate, please contact:

Adrienne Morris
Director of Development and Alumnae Relations

Lincoln School
301 Butler Avenue
Providence, RI 02906
Direct phone: 401-331-1118
Email: amorris@lincolnschool.org

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