SPICES in our Curriculum by the Class of 2025
SPICES in our Curriculum by the Class of 2025

The fourth grade gave a presentation at Daisy Sing and Share on how the SPICES are practiced throughout their curriculum.


Poetry can take a complex idea and make it appear simple. Reciting Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky", which is a nonsense poem was an example.


The Bear Breath— 5 seconds inhalation, 3 second hold, 5 second exhalation - which creates a peaceful feeling inside.


The characters in The Willoughbys, who lack integrity because the children and the parents can't stand each other and want to get rid of each other.


The poster from Girls on the Run for the toy drive benefiting Hasbro Children's Hospital. Also, in our study of immigration, "we learned about the many types of people who make up our community and how important immigrants' contributions are."


A discussion about a NYT article for kids that is based on the idea that kids' emotions and thoughts are equally important to adults'.


Creating a class website on reducing car idling. They collected data, did research, and made posters to share.